New Beverly Cinema

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All paired films are double features.
Your ticket admits you to both films.


All Shows are Double Features:

General $8.00
Seniors over 62 & Children under 12 $6.00

All paired films are DOUBLE BILLS: your ticket admits you to BOTH films on the bill. You may also just watch one film if you wish.

We accept cash and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) at the box office and concession stand.

The box office and doors open 30 minutes prior to the first film in the double bill and then re-open as soon as the first film is over for those who wish to only see the second film, generally about 10 minutes before the second film.

New Beverly Cinema Discount Card:

  • 8 admissions for $48
  • No expiration date
  • Limited to 2 admissions per visit
  • Does not work for Grindhouse Film Festival shows, third party events, or any screenings that have a special admission price that is higher than our regular general admission price (all day movie marathons, etc.).

Midnight Shows:

  • Tickets to our midnight films require a separate admission.
  • Tickets for midnight shows go on sale at the box office shortly before show time, not earlier in the evening.

Grindhouse Film Festival Shows:

  • All tickets to our "Grindhouse Film Festival" double bills are $8.

Advance Tickets:

  • Advance tickets to our shows may be purchased online at
  • Purchasing advance tickets is generally unnecessary, as most of our regular shows do not sell out, but this option is available for those who prefer it. Screenings with special in person guests, etc., do sometimes sell out or come close, in which case advance tickets may be advisable. If a show is close to selling out in advance, we will attempt to announce it on this website.
  • At this time, advance tickets are not sold at the box office, only tickets for the current show.